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Shopping :D

Today was really cool. First of all the Sport/PE *;)* lessons were canceled and Ilka and me were able to go to the city earlier. I bought actually a lot.
-The first record of Maximo Park. God, I really love them, thx Betty!
-5 buttons: one "The Libertines", one "David Bowie, and three Placebo buttons *blush* but I was just happy to see buttons of them here in boring Bremen ^.^
-A Bowie t shirt with the tour dates of last year. But Scheeßel looks like ScheeBel on it, but whatever.
-aaaand for my own surprise a quite bright blue jeans =)
I also saw a Placebo t shirt but I didn't liked it so I didn't bought it, yep.
Now I have to read a few letters about how people become gay. It's all for psychology!
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