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Finally I'm going to write my Hurricane review. I know it's kind of late but I'm bored as hell and also I should practise some English writing again, because tomorrow we're going to write an English exam. (When I'm finished with this I can say at least I did SOMETHING for the exam).


Well, my memory isn't that nice to me these days, so it will be really hard for me to remember everything so maybe it will be a little bit hard to understand.




Friday morning I had to go to school because we wrote a biology exam and that was pure horror for me because I had to write a good grade because the last one before that one was really fucked up. But I managed to write fucking 11 points. But that isn't important anymore...


The journey to the festival was quite nice; we did a little race on the highway with other guys who wanted to go to the Hurricane festival. It was quite funny.

On the camping site it was really hard to find space for our tents because it was full as hell.

But finally we found a nice bit of ground and built our tents up. Later by the toilets we met Nancy and China/Martina who told us about their car accident. After that we went to the festival area and the real festival began...


The Dresden Dolls:

They were really good, but the singer’s eyebrows scared me a lot!!! Sad to know they split up.


The Stands:

We just watched them from behind while shopping but what we could hear and sometimes see was really nice. I never heard about them before, so it was a nice surprise.



We just saw a bit and it isn't really my music taste - no no.


Nine Inch Nails:

God, I loved NIN!!! Stefan was really annoyed but Jessica and I danced the whole time. Sad I didn't know one single song.


Wir Sind Helden:

I will never ever again go to a Wir Sind Helden gig! NEVER! Before the gig everything was fine. We stood very secure in front of a barrier. A short time before the gig started a girl passed us puking all around. Okay that was disgusting but just few minutes after that all the people (maybe 50) including us were pressed onto the ground. My first thought was "Don't fall into the vomit. No. Not into the vomit!" I managed to fall onto a guy who was pressed into the vomit so he was my saviour hehe. But when I was standing again I began to shake and to cry and had no idea what happened to me. God that was so bad. Stefan managed to get us out of the audience. So we watched the whole gig on the screen. I'm still sorry for Jessica and Stefan because they wanted to see them badly.



Oh my god, they were so fucking awesome. They really have the best stage show ever! They chose a really good set list and I'm glad I was able to see them live once.



We just saw "Lyla" which was enough for me. A whole gig would have been too boring for me I guess.






Saturday was really wet as far as I remember. We sat in the tents and played guitar. Well, Stefan played and I tried to play. I wanted to see Flogging Molly but my folks didn't so I was forced to stay in the tent. We went to the festival area when slut started...



Nice, nice band. But I can't remember anything so...



We just watched them on the screen and the background was really impressive. It was really unbelievable to see, don’t know how many, but a lot people kneel down! I fell in love with spring rolls.



I would say this was, after my Wir Sind Helden brake down, the most hurtful, romantic and passive weed-smoking gig this year. As far as I remember this was the gig where the barriers broke down right? Yeah, so we had to wait longer than usual. But I was so glad they played Killing In The Name Of and even Black Hole Sun <3


System of a Down:

They were the highlight that day. First of all, before the gig started Stefan was pissed on by a very drunken or stoned or both guy. And I really mean PISSED on. The guy just stood there in the middle and took out his little friend. At first I wasn't sure if I was seeing right but then some chicks took out their flashlights and his little friend was clearly to be seen. After that he lit a fag but just few seconds later he lost it and it fell down. He tried to reach it but he was far to "drunk or stoned or both" and fell down on his ass too. He sat there in the middle of the people and tried to find his fag but of course he didn't find it. Maybe it's bad to say so but he was a nice entertainment while waiting. Before the gig started he stood up and walked into the tighter mass. Stefan wanted him to get out of the mass because the guy wasn't able to walk anymore and Stefan was afraid of him, but the guy of course didn't want to go with Stefan so we let him go. I really want to know what happened to him afterwards. Well, the gig was great!! I looooved Cigaro but another funny thing was that beside me there was a woman who screamed the whole time "Serjih (or however the singer is called, can't remember) you're  sooooooo seeeeeeeeeeexy" SERJIHH" I was just thinking "Oh my god. She can't be serious. He is definitely NOT sexy!! But she was jumping up and down and waving and screaming haha.





Sunday was very wet too...and so I missed Ashton!.. GRML First one was Moneybrother



Whoa finally I saw him and he was great. Sadly we had to leave earlier because of Eagles Of Death Metal.


Eagles Of Death Metal:

To be honest, I never ever thought that I will be able to see them Live. But I had the chance and I won’t regret it. But one thing really pissed me of, and that's the fact that they played their best songs at the end!!



HaHa. The white guy who was dancing there really looked like a fucking loser!! The song did so fit!


Queens Of The Stone Age:

Never imaged them that good.


New Order:

Whoa another festival highlight! My mom is so fucking jealous of me you can't imagine! The gig wasn't that full because most of the people were waiting for "Die Ärzte" at the other stage so we had enough space to dance wildly.


Die Ärzte:

Well, great live band, no doubt about that. Really, I enjoyed their gig and they even played Sweet Gwendoline which was my personal highlight.



The journey home was quite nice. I slept haha.






So, finally I did it and wrote all of this so, maybe a Soundgarden Festival and M'era Luna Festival review will follow... depends on my mood...



By the way I found 175 Euro today by accident Oo

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